Year 1972
Event Area 3-C Pow Wow
Host Lodge Kecoughtan 463
Site Peninsula Scout Reservation
Location Lightfoot, VA
Dates April 21-23, 1972
Theme Foremost in Service
Attendance 460
Weather Rainy
Coordinator Alan Spaulding
Adviser Walter Deal
Attending Nawakwa 3, Koo Koo Ku Hoo 161, Shenandoah 258, Shenshawpotoo 276, Blue Heron 349, Powhatan 456, Kecoughtan 463, Amangamek Wipit 470, and Chanco 483



    The 1972 Pow Wow was the first Area event hosted by Kecoughtan Lodge.

    The numeral “20” at the point of the 1972 Pow Wow patch is in recognition of the 20th Pow Wow held by Area III-C.

    Photo gallery of the 1972 Area 3-C Pow Wow with comments and descriptions by Sam Fairchild and Alan Spaulding

    Blue Heron played an integral part in the Saturday evening program by producing an audio-visual show on the Area’s twenty years of service, as well as handling the Vigil Rededication Ceremony.


  • The Kecoughtan Kryer, edited by Sam Fairchild, was named best newsletter in Area competition by the Virginia Press Association.
  • Kecoughtan Lodge placed first in the Indian dance team competition and Vincent West of Kecoughtan took first place in the solo dance competition.
  • Blue Heron Lodge won the first place display award with their entry entitled Arrow – Scouting Relationship.


  • Chief – Richard Bryant, Koo Koo Ku Hoo Lodge 161
  • Vice-Chief – Bill Keyton, Shenshawpotoo Lodge 276


  • Chief – Tom Webb, Blue Heron Lodge 349
  • Vice-Chief – Chuck Bailey, Amangamek Wipit Lodge 470.


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