Year 1995
Event Section SR-7 Conclave
Host Lodge Nayawin Rar 296
Site Tuscarora Scout Reservation
Location Four Oaks, NC
Dates Apr 21-23, 1995
Theme Determined to Serve, Destined to Lead
Attendance 1,239
Coordinator Art Miller
Adviser Arnold “Mac” McLain
Attending Nawakwa 3, Tsoiotsi Tsogalii 70, Occoneechee 104, Croatan 117, Wahissa 118, Itibapishe Iti Hollo 188, Nayawin Rar 296, Klahican 331, Blue Heron 349, Catawba 459, Kecoughtan 463, Chanco 483 and Eswau Huppeday 560



1 Chevron-shaped pocket patch – yellow lettering at top, no cardinal in design
2 Chevron-shaped pocket patch with loop – yellow lettering at top, no cardinal
3 Chevron-shaped pocket patch with loop, Host Lodge – yellow lettering at top, no cardinal
4 Chevron-shaped pocket patch – red lettering at top, cardinal added to design
5 Chevron-shaped jacket patch
6 Silkscreen neckerchief
7 Hat pin
8 Hat
9 Bolo tie with patch design
10 Mug with patch design
11 Pin for pocket patch-round with ‘WWW’
12 Canvas Ditty Bag
13 Conclave Guidebook
14 Wooden Nickel – Front / Back



Nawakwa 3 S55

Nawakwa 3 S56-Delegate

Itibapishe Iti Hollo 188 S24

Klahican 331 S30

Klahican 331 S31 Delegate

Blue Heron 349 S28

Catawba 459 S48

Kecoughtan 463 S37



The host lodge, Nayawin Rar 296, was originally scheduled to host the SR-7 Conclave in 1996, but the conclave rotation was changed to allow them to host the Conclave during their 50th anniversary in 1995.

The name of the annual SR-7 gathering was changed from “The Old North State Conclave” to “Cardinal Conclave” beginning in 1995. The cardinal is the state bird of both North Carolina and Virginia. Because of this change there are two versions of the conclave pocket patch. The first features “Southern Region Section-7” in yellow lettering at the top. The later version adds a cardinal to the design of the patch on the left side and lettering at the top of the patch is changed to “Cardinal Conclave, Section-7” in red.

The conclave emblems include no lodge numbers. The only clue to the host lodge in the design is the nighthawk, totem of Nayawin Rar.

Recognized for placing first in competitions:

  • Newsletter – Occoneechee 104
  • Quest -Tsoiotsi Tsogalii 70
  • Ceremony Team – Catawba 459
  • Dance – Eswau Huppeday 560
  • Spirit – Croatan 117
  • Participation – Occoneechee 104


  • Chief – Bud Harrelson, Tsoiotsi Tsogalii 70
  • Vice Chief-Program – Walter Webster, Tsoiotsi Tsogalii 70
  • Vice Chief-Training – Ike Tucker, Blue Heron 349
  • Vice Chief-Recognitions – Jeff Brewer, Occoneechee 104
  • Secretary – Benjamin Blackman, Catawba 459

Section Advisor – Larry Warlick, Tsoiotsi Tsogalii 70


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