Year 2002
Event Section SR-7A Conclave
Host Lodge Shenandoah 258
Site Camp Shenandoah
Location Swoope, VA
Dates Apr 26-28, 2002
Theme Service Above Self
Attendance  806
Chairman Bryan Eckstein
Adviser Dr. Richards Miller
Attending Nawakwa 3, Tutelo 161, Shenandoah 258, Shenshawpotoo 276, Wahunsenakah 333, Blue Heron 349



Nawakwa 3 S84

Nawakwa 3 S85 (2 per delegate)

Shenandoah 258 S37

Shenandoah 258 S38 (Staff)

Shenshawpotoo 276 S49

Shenshawpotoo S50 (Delegate)

Wahunsenakah 333 S19

Blue Heron 349 S62



According to Shenandoah Lodge – Sixty Years of Service, Camp Shenandoah was undergoing major renovations during the conclave, and the kitchen was not available for the weekend. Food was cooked at nearby Beverly Manor Middle School and delivered to the camp dining hall for serving.

Highlights of the weekend included a visit from Lauren Barnett, Miss Teen Virginia, and a chapel service conducted by Lee Corder, Chaplain for the Washington Redskins.


  • Chief – Micah Reynolds, Wahunsenakah Lodge 333
  • Vice-Chief – R. C. Hartman, Shenandoah Lodge 258
  • Secretary – Donnie Gladfelter, Nawakwa Lodge 3


  • Section Spirit Award – Dressed in Scottish kilts for their Braveheart theme, Blue Heron Lodge 349 won the Section Spirit Award for the fifth year in a row.
  • Quest for the Golden Arrow – Tutelo Lodge 161 won for the fifth consecutive year.




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