One of my primary goals for is to have a complete listing of the items issued at Area and Section events attended by Virginia OA Lodges.

To see how far along this site has come I tallied all of the items listed to date and came up with a grand total of 492 as of February 24, 2011. This number does not include delegate and host flap patches, mostly because I am still early in the process of adding those.

Here’s how the total breaks down:

Qty Area/Section Yrs.
55 Area 3A/3C 24
90 Section SE-1 9
119 Section SE-8 10
34 Section SR-6/SR-6B 5
39 Section SR-7 4
155 Section SR-7A 12
492 Total 64


The years column indicates the number of years that Arrowmen from Virginia attended events in that Area or Section, beginning in 1948, when the Virginia lodges first started attending Area events, through the most recent activity, the 2010 Section SR-7A Conclave. As you can tell, the number of items issued has climbed dramatically since the days of Area Pow Wows when an Arrowman returned home with a single patch or neckerchief slide as their treasured memento of the statewide gathering.


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