333-2015noac-blue-400The 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference is scheduled for August 3-8, 2015 at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, and will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. Although that’s still more than a year away, Wahunsenakah 333 is joining many other lodges in issuing special commemorative patches to help raise funds for their Arrowmen to attend.


Two fully embroidered flap patches were recently released by the lodge with identical designs, but differing border colors (blue and red). The patch features a duck in the center sporting a red sash since Arrowmen attending the 2015 NOAC will receive a special edition red sash. On the left are Carroll A. Edson and E. Urner Goodman, who founded the Order of the Arrow, at Treasure Island Scout Camp in 1915, and on the right a circle with the name and totem (turtle) of the first OA Lodge, Unami 1. The Lodge name is at the top, with “NOAC” split by the duck, and “1915-2015” at the bottom. A fleur d’lis is ghosted into the white background, but no lodge number is evident. Click on the images above for enlarged pictures.

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3 Responses to Wahunsenakah issues 2015 NOAC fundraiser flaps

  1. Rick Rolf says:

    How does one order the fundraiser patches?
    Interested in helping out the cause!

  2. GENE COBB says:

    I am collecting 2015 NOAC FUNDRAISERS, 100th ANN and 2015 NOAC issues. I would like to purchase some of your patches. Please contact me.


  3. Gasper Danish says:

    I also collect fundraiser patches. Please contact me. danish4@atlanticbb.net

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