Boy Scouts, 1913. Photo courtesy

This site could not exist without the generous contributions of fellow Arrowmen around the country who have shared their memories, pictures, collection lists, newsletters, and histories to help me document the activities attended by Virginia OA lodges.

I will do my best to provide proper attribution on this page – if your name is missing please let me know so that I can add it!

Steve Collins – whose Blue Ridge Mountains Council web site has always been an inspiration for me as an example of thorough and detailed information about patches presented in an organized and concise design. Steve generously allowed me to use his images of the Tutelo leather flaps and contingent neckerchief created by hand for the 1973 Pow Wow.

Tim Ewing – Wahunsenakah Lodge member and former editor of the Kecoughtan Kryer, contributed most of the scanned copies of the Kryer in the online archive that has been a vital resource in researching most of the events featured on this web site, and has provided pictures of more patches than I can count.

Rob Higgins – author of the essential OA Section List web site that details the vast number of organizational changes throughout the history of our Order. Virginia lodges have at one time belonged to Area 3-A, Area 3-C, Section SE-1, Section SE-8, Section SR-6B, Section SR-7, and finally Section SR-7A.

Rick Horne of Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Lodge 70 kindly assisted me with council, lodge, and scout camp history for several of the North Carolina lodges, and provided Section officer information for the SR-7 years.

Doug Hunkele – webmaster of Camp Images, kindly granted permission for me to use pictures of vintage camp patches to help illustrate locations for the early Area meetings.

Steve Isom of Tutelo Lodge 161 helped fill in information gaps for several of the conclaves hosted by his Lodge and provided background for the 1973 leather conclave flaps and the 1986 unofficial conclave flap.

Larry Johnson – of Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 has faithfully sent me pictures of items issued at conclaves every year for longer than I can remember and has helped me add many of them to my own collection.

Kenny Keithly – kindly provided me with a picture of the 2005 SR-7A conclave staff pocket patch.

Bill Loeble – provided me with the most comprehensive checklist of items issued at Virginia events I could ever imagine, spanning Pow Wows from the 50’s through the most recent Section SR-7A conclave.

Michael McCaughan – of Blue Heron Lodge has cheerfully assisted with research of events that happened decades ago even while traveling around the world and beginning graduate school.

John Pannell – whose web site serves as the equivalent to the Library of Congress for an OA patch historian.

Dave Scocca of Nentico Lodge – whose thoroughly researched blog posts about Area 3A have been invaluable for learning about the early history of the OA events attended by the Virginia Order of the Arrow lodges, and for generous permission to use his 3A memorabilia images.

W. Scott Smith of Tutelo Lodge has been actively researching and compiling the history of SR7A and its predecessors and is responsible for the amazing details available in the “History” section of the SR7A web site. He also spearheaded the effort to research and compile the History of Tutelo Lodge, published in book form with rare photos in 2015. Scott has helped me with since its inception in 2010 and I am deeply indebted to him for his generous efforts.

Ben Vincent – former Chief of Chanco Lodge 483 and SE-1 Secretary has provided literally hundreds of scanned newsletter pages and pictures of Conclave items. If it weren’t for Ben I’d never know the theme of the 1975 Conclave!

Trey Walls – My fellow Tonkawa Arrowman and Austin resident whose remarkable collection and knowledge of Nawakwa Lodge 3 items has proven to be helpful on so many occasions, most of them on very short notice.

Stephen Warren – A member of Tutelo Lodge and resident of Roanoke, VA, whose web site provided invaluable information about the original and succeeding Camp Powhatan sites as well as information about Camp Snow Creek.

Mike White – former Chief of Shenandoah Lodge 258, Section SR-6B Chief, and now Section Advisor for SR-7A, helped me with details about the events held during the 5 year existence of Section SR-6 and SR-6B.

Alex Wiatt – current Shenandoah Lodge member and former Kecoughtan Lodge Arrowman, provided patches and information about the SR-7A service events in the George Washington / Thomas Jefferson National forests. Additionally, the booklet he authored about the history of Kecoughtan Lodge entitled “40 Years of Brotherhood” is a major source of historical information for this site.

Boyd Williams – provided me with excellent scans of the four Pellissippi Lodge 230 flaps issued for the 1996 SR-6B Conclave.

Ron Hubbard – provided images of several items from the 1993 SR-6 conclave.



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