VA-OA Event List

Listed below are Area/Section events attended by Virginia OA Lodges after Area 3-C was formed in 1952, as well as national events for which the Section issued a contingent patch.
Click the event name for a page with more information about it; use the search box to find all events hosted by a particular lodge, at a certain camp, etc.
This list is always a work in progress. Please send corrections or additions to me so that I can keep the list accurate and complete and minimize the number of “unknown” entries.

3-C3491953 3-C Pow WowMay 2-3, 1953Camp DardenSedley, VA
3-C2761954 3-C Pow WowMay 14-16, 1954Camp Rock EnonGore, VA
3-C31955 3-C Pow WowApr 23-24, 1955Camp ShawondaseeChesterfield, VA
3-C4701956 3-C Pow WowApril 20-23, 1956Camp RooseveltChesapeake Beach, MD
3-C4561957 3-C Pow WowunknownCamp PowhatanHiwassee, VA
3-C2581958 3-C Pow WowunknownCamp ShenandoahSwoope, VA
3-C31958 3-C Training InstituteunknownFort LeeFort Lee, VA
3-C31959 3-C Pow WowApril 25-26, 1959Camp ShawondaseeChesterfield, VA
3-C1611960 3-C Pow WowApril 22-24, 1960Camp MonocanNellysford, VA
3-C3491961 3-C Pow WowunknownCamp PipsicoSpring Grove, VA
3-C2761962 3-C Pow WowunknownCamp Rock EnonGore, VA
3-C4561963 3-C Pow WowOct 4-6, 1963Camp PowhatanHiwassee, VA
3-C1611964 3-C Pow WowApr 17-19, 1964Camp MonocanNellysford, VA
3-C4701965 3-C Pow WowApr 23-25 1965Camp WilsonLorton, VA
3-C31965 3-C Training InstituteFall, 1965unknownRichmond, VA
3-C3491966 3-C Training ConferenceApr 22-23, 1966Camp PipsicoSpring Grove, VA
3-C2581967 3-C Pow WowApr 21-23, 1967Camp ShenandoahSwoope, VA
3-C4561968 3-C Pow WowApr 26-28, 1968Camp PowhatanHiwassee, VA
3-C2761968 3-C Training InstituteSep 13-15, 1968Camp Rock EnonGore, VA
3-C31969 3-C Pow WowApr 25-27, 1969Virginia State FairgroundsRichmond, VA
3-C4831970 3-C Pow WowApr 24-26, 1970Siouan Scout ReservationEbony, VA
3-C4561970 3-C Training ConferenceSep 19-20, 1970Camp PowhatanHiwassee, VA
3-C3491971 3-C Pow WowApr 23-25, 1971Camp PipsicoSpring Grove, VA
3-C4631972 3-C Pow WowApr 21-23, 1972Camp ChickahominyLightfoot, VA
SE-12761973 SE-1 Pow WowApr 27-29, 1973Camp Rock EnonGore, VA
SE-1901973 NOACAug 21-23, 1973UC-Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara, CA
SE-14831974 SE-1 ConclaveApr 26-28, 1974Siouan Scout ReservationEbony, VA
SE-14631975 SE-1 Indian SeminarMar 21-23, 1975Camp ChickahominyLightfoot, VA
SE-11611975 SE-1 ConclaveApr 25-27, 1975Camp PowhatanHiwassee, VA
SE-14701976 SE-1 Indian SeminarMar 26-28, 1976Fort BelvoirFort Belvoir, VA
SE-13171976 SE-1 ConclaveMay 14-16, 1976Sinoquipe Scout ReservationFort Littleton, PA
SE-1-1976 SE Region Training ConferenceJul 30-Aug 1, 1976Meredith CollegeRaleigh, NC
SE-11611977 SE-1 Indian SeminarMar 25-27, 1977Camp PowhatanHiwassee, VA
SE-12301977 NOACAug 23-27, 1977Univ. of TennesseeKnoxville, TN
SE-14631978 SE-1 ConclaveApr 21-23, 1978Camp ChickahominyLightfoot, VA
SE-13491978 SE-1 Indian SeminarNov 17-19, 1978Little Creek Amphibious BaseVirginia Beach, VA
SE-131979 SE-1 ConclaveApr 20-22, 1979Fort A.P. HillBowling Green, VA
SE-14701980 SE-1 ConclaveApr 18-20, 1980Camp HappylandRichardsville, VA
SE-14631980 SE-1 Indian SeminarNov 21-23, 1980Fort EustisFort Eustis, VA
SE-15401981 SE-1 ConclaveApr 24-26, 1981Camp Rock EnonGore, VA
SE-1201982 SE-1 ConclaveApr 23-25, 1982Camp RodneyNorth East, MD
SE-81611982 SE-8 Indian SeminarSep 17-19, 1982Camp PowhatanHiwassee, VA
SE-82581983 SE-8 ConclaveApr 22-24, 1983Camp ShenandoahSwoope, VA
SE-82761984 SE-8 ConclaveApr 13-15, 1984Camp Rock EnonGore, VA
SE-84831985 SE-8 ConclaveApr 26-28, 1985Siouan Scout ReservationEbony, VA
SE-81611986 SE-8 ConclaveOct 10-12, 1986Camp PowhatanHiwassee, VA
SE-84631987 SE-8 ConclaveMay 1-3, 1987Camp ChickahominyLightfoot, VA
SE-83491988 SE-8 ConclaveApr 22-24, 1988Camp PipsicoSpring Grove, VA
SE-831989 SE-8 ConclaveApr 21-23, 1989Camp T. Brady SaundersMaidens, VA
SE-82581990 SE-8 ConclaveApr 20-22, 1990Camp ShenandoahSwoope, VA
SE-82121990 NOACAug 12-16, 1990Indiana UniversityBloomington, IN
SE-82761991 SE-8 ConclaveApr 19-21, 1991Camp Rock EnonGore, VA
SE-84831992 SE-8 ConclaveApr 24-26, 1992Lakeland HSSuffolk, VA
SE-82301992 NOACAug 9-13, 1992Univ. of TennesseeKnoxville, TN
SE-81611993 SE-8 ConclaveApr 16-18, 1993Camp PowhatanHiwassee, VA
SR-62931993 SR-6 ConclaveApr 23-25, 1993Skymont Scout ReservationAltamont, TN
SR-6B2581994 SR-6B ConclaveApr 22-24, 1994Camp ShenandoahSwoope, VA
SR-6B1841995 SR-6B ConclaveApr 28-30, 1995Camp Davy CrockettWhitesburg, TN
SR-6B-1995 SR-6B Leadership ConferenceOct 27-28, 1995Ramada InnWytheville, VA
SR-6B2301996 SR-6B ConclaveApr 26-28, 1996Camp Buck TomsRockwood, TN
SR-6B4801997 SR-6B ConclaveApr 25-27, 1997Camp McKeeMount Sterling, KY
SR-71041993 SR-7 ConclaveApr 16-18, 1993Camp DurantCarthage, NC
SR-7701994 SR-7 ConclaveApr 15-17, 1994Old North State Scout ReservationBrown Summit, NC
SR-72961995 SR-7 ConclaveApr 21-23, 1995Tuscarora Scout ReservationFour Oaks, NC
SR-73491996 SR-7 ConclaveApr 19-21 1996Camp PipsicoSpring Grove, VA
SR-74591997 SR-7 ConclaveApr 18-20, 1997Clear Creek Scout CampMidland, NC
SR-7A1611998 SR-7A ConclaveApr 24-26, 1998Camp PowhatanHiwassee, VA
SR-7A31999 SR-7A ConclaveApr 23-25, 1999Camp T. Brady SaundersMaidens, VA
SR-7A2762000 SR-7A ConclaveApr 28-30, 2000Camp Rock EnonGore, VA
SR-7A3492001 SR-7A ConclaveApr 27-29, 2001Camp PipsicoSpring Grove, VA
SR-7A2582002 SR-7A ConclaveApr 26-28, 2002Camp ShenandoahSwoope, VA
SR-7A3332003 SR-7A ConclaveApr 25-27, 2003Camp ChickahominyLightfoot, VA
SR-7A1612004 SR-7A ConclaveApr 23-25, 2004Camp PowhatanHiwassee, VA
SR-7A32005 SR-7A ConclaveApr 29-May 1, 2005Camp T. Brady SaundersMaidens, VA
SR-7A2762006 SR-7A ConclaveApr 28-30, 2006Camp Rock EnonGore, VA
SR-7A3492007 SR-7A ConclaveApr 27-29, 2007Camp PipsicoSpring Grove, VA
SR-7A2582008 SR-7A ConclaveApr 25-27, 2008Camp ShenandoahSwoope, VA
SR-7A2582009 GW/Jeff Trail CrewMar 13-15, 2009Gathright Dam at Lake MoomawFalling Spring, VA
SR-7A3332009 SR-7A ConclaveApr 24-26, 2009Bayport Scout ReservationJamaica, VA
SR-7A1612010 SR-7A ConclaveApr 23-25, 2010Camp PowhatanHiwassee, VA
SR-7A2582010 GW/Jeff Trail CrewOct 15-17, 2010Mathews ParkClifton Forge, VA
SR-7A32011 SR-7A ConclaveApr 29-May 1, 2011Camp T. Brady SaundersMaidens, VA
SR-7A2762012 SR-7A ConclaveApr 27-29, 2012Camp Rock EnonGore, VA
SR-7A3492013 SR-7A ConclaveApr 26-28, 2013Camp PipsicoSpring Grove, VA
SR-7A2582014 SR-7A ConclaveApr 25-27, 2014Camp ShenandoahSwoope, VA
SR-7A3332015 SR-7A ConclaveApr 24-26, 2015Bayport Scout ReservationJamaica, VA
SR-7A32016 SR-7A Ceremonies WeekendApr 15-17, 2016Camp T. Brady SaundersMaidens, VA
SR-7A1612016 SR-7A ConclaveApr 29-May 1, 2016Camp PowhatanHiwassee, VA
SR-7A32017 SR-7A Ceremonies WeekendApr 7-9, 2017Camp T. Brady SaundersMaidens, VA
SR-7A3492017 SR-7A ConclaveApr 28-30, 2017Camp PipsicoSpring Grove, VA
SR-7A32018 SR-7A Ceremonies WeekendApr 6-8, 2018Camp T. Brady SaundersMaidens, VA
SR-7A2762018 SR-7A ConclaveApr 27-29, 2018Camp Rock EnonGore, VA
SR-7A32019 SR-7A Ceremonies WeekendApr 5-7, 2019Camp T. Brady SaundersMaidens, VA
SR-7A32019 SR-7A ConclaveApr 26-28, 2019Camp T. Brady SaundersMaidens, VA
SR-7A32020 Inductions and Ceremonies Summit WeekendApr 3-5, 2020Camp T. Brady SaundersMaidens, VA
SR-7A2582020 SR-7A ConclaveApr 24-26, 2020Camp ShenandoahSwoope, VA

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