Year 1973
Event Section SE-1 Pow Wow
Host Lodge Shenshawpotoo 276
Site Camp Rock Enon
Location Gore, VA
Dates Apr 27-29, 1973
Theme Changes Through Leadership
Attendance 350
Weather Cold, snowy
Coordinator Bill Keyton
Adviser Thomas Louthan
Attending Nawakwa 3, Tutelo 161, Shenandoah 258, Shenshawpotoo 276, Blue Heron 349, Kecoughtan 463, Amangamek Wipit 470, Chanco 483, Nentico 12, Nentego 20, Guneukitschik 317, and Ahtuhquog 540



Tutelo Lodge L1-handmade dark leather

Tutelo Lodge L2-handmade light leather

Tutelo Lodge N1-handmade contingent neckerchief



    The 1973 Pow Wow was the first gathering of the new Section SE-1, and the last one called a “Pow Wow.” Beginning in 1974 the event was renamed to “Conclave.”

    The Vigil Rededication totem for this event recognized the end of the old Area and the beginning of the new Section, with “SE-1” on the front and “III-C 73” on the reverse.

    The front of the 1973 Pow Wow booklet also recognized both the old and the new, with the title “1973 Pow Wow / Shenshawpotoo Lodge 276 / Area III-C / Section SE-1 / Order of the Arrow,” and the letter from SE-1 Chief ¬†Thomas Webb inside greeted attendees with “Welcome to this, the first conclave of Section SE-1!”

    The booklet also includes a copy of a handwritten letter from OA co-founder E. Urner Goodman addressed to the “Arrowmen of Area III-C” recognizing host Shenshawpotoo Lodge’s 21st birthday and the prospect of the Area changing to “Section 1, Area 1.”

    Two of many long-standing conclave traditions were born at the 1973 Pow Wow/Conclave: the Section feast where each lodge prepares and serves a dish representative of their region and the carving of a totem pole with each lodge responsible for a section.

    Blue Heron Lodge produced the Saturday night program.

    Due to cold, snowy weather the dance competitions were held in the dining hall.


  • Chief – Robert Ashley, Chanco Lodge 483
  • Vice-Chief – Bruce Sanders, Blue Heron Lodge 349
  • Secretary – David Addison, Shenandoah Lodge 258


  • The Blue Heron Lodge dance team from Elizabeth River placed second in group competition
  • Blue Heron’s display Indian Affairs was awarded first place in the display competition.



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