1975 SE-1 Indian Seminar


Year 1975
Event Section SE-1 Indian Seminar
Host Lodge Kecoughtan 463
Site Camp Chickahominy
Location Lightfoot, VA
Dates Mar 21-23, 1975
Attendance 200
Weather Rain on Saturday
Coordinator Gary McSmith
Program Director Chris Currier
Advisors Dave Shutt, Bailey Tudder



From the May, 1975 Kecoughtan Kryer: “In March Kecoughtan hosted the first annual SE-1 Indian Seminar at Camp Chickahominy. Delegates interested in the Indian Lore facet of our order received much useful information from national experts: Charles Taylor and Ben Stone from Oklahoma, Ron Head from Massachusetts, and Jay Dunbar from New Jersey.”

The Tutelo Torchbearer reported that dance teams represented at this event were from four lodges: Guneukitschik, Amangamek Wipit, Blue Heron, and Shenandoah, and noted that “Our visitors, Ron, Charles, and Ben fascinated us with Indian songs and chants whenever they could (between answering questions and judging the dance teams and singles).”

The leather emblems provided by Kecoughtan Lodge to attendees of the 1975 Indian Seminar were hand made by Seminar Coordinator Gary McSmith and his father, Duane McSmith.


  • Blue Heron Lodge took third place in the Group Dance competition.
  • Jim Dunlop of Blue Heron Lodge placed first in the Old Style Solo Dancing.


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