How You Can Help

This web site exists as a free resource to preserve and share the history of the Order of the Arrow thanks to the generous assistance of many others who have taken time to dig through their Scouting memorabilia and share pictures, document scans, and their unique memories related to the events.
Your input is vital to helping this web site become more than just a catalog of collectible memorabilia. On each page related to an event you’ll see an area where you can “Leave a reply.” Please take this opportunity to provide feedback about the information that’s listed – make corrections or additions, share a memory from the event, or help fill in missing information.
I’m eager to build an online archive so that the Arrowmen of today and the future can learn about the rich traditions and history of our Order. If you can provide a photograph of an item that’s listed, a copy of a newsletter or Conclave program, Lodge history, meeting minutes, or other documents you’ll be contributing enormously to this effort.
In summary, here’s how you can help:

  1. Use the “Leave a reply” feature on each event page to supply missing information, make corrections, or provide additional data.
  2. If you see an item listed without a linked picture, like a jacket patch or staff version, please send me a scan so that I can add it.
  3. Your old lodge newsletters are invaluable as historical documents to provide insight into the past. Please help me with scans or I am happy to scan them and return them to you.

Thanks in advance for your help making this site an online library that truly captures the history of service and spirit of the Order of the Arrow in this region.

Glenn Chase
Former member of Kecoughtan Lodge 463
Austin, Texas



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