Year 1993
Event Section SR-6 Conclave
Host Lodge Talidandaganu’ 293
Site Skymont Scout Reservation
Location Altamont, TN
Dates Apr 23-25, 1993
Theme Into The Circle
Attending Tseyedin 65 (?), Wa-Hi-Nasa 111, Zit-Kala-Sha 123, Tutelo 161, Sequoyah 184, Pellissippi 230, Shenandoah 258, Shenshawpotoo 276, Talidandaganu’ 293, Waguli 318, Wapiti 367, Kawida 480 and White Feather 499



Talidandaganu’ 293 S23 – Service Lodge

Talidandaganu’ 293 S24 – Service Award



This was the only conclave held by Southern Region Section 6. According to the OA Section List web site: “Immediately after the 1993 S-6 conclave in April, Section 6 was split into S-6A and S-6B, with S-6A gaining Ittawamba 235 from Section S-9.”

New SR-6A:Tseyedin 65, Wa-Hi-Nasa 111, Zit-Kala-Sha 123, Talidandaganu’ 293, Waguli 318, Wapiti 367, White Feather 499, Ittawamba 235

New SR-6B: Tutelo 161, Sequoyah 184, Pellissippi 230, Shenandoah 258, Shenshawpotoo 276, Kawida 480

From Tutelo Lodge History: “Tutelo Lodge hosted what was to be the last SE-8 Conclave at Camp Powhatan … The following weekend, the lodge sent a delegation of 4 youth and a few adults to Skymont Reservation near Chattanooga to the SR-6 Conclave. Because of a realignment of the regions, our lodge was placed in this new section … In the summer, SR-6 was split into two sections because of extraordinary driving distances.”


  • Section Chief – John Shadle, White Feather 499
  • Vice-Chief – Jim Schwab, Wa Hi Nasa 111
  • Secretary – W. Scott Smith, Tutelo 161


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7 Responses to 1993 SR-6 Conclave

  1. If you want, you can add the officers who were elected there:

    Section Chief: Jim Schwab, Wa Hi Nasa #111
    Vice Chief: John Shadle, White Horse
    Secretary: W. Scott Smith, Tutelo #161

    • Glenn Chase says:

      Thanks for the info, Scott! I’ve added it to the Notes tab for the 1993 SR-6 Conclave.

      • John Shadle says:

        Hi guys. Just a couple points of clarification. I was elected Section Chief and Jim was Vice-Chief. Also, White Horse Lodge didn’t exist. I was a member of White Feather Lodge 499 when elected (and throughout my term).

        • John Shadle says:

          Jim Schwab was elected Section Chief, but it was in 1994 at the SR-6A conclave at Camp Roy C. Manchester.

        • Glenn says:

          Thanks for the clarification, John. History for the short duration of SR-6 is hard to come by! I’ve made revisions in the Notes accordingly.

          • John Shadle says:

            Scott might know better when the section was split, but I seem to remember it happening in the late summer or early fall.

            I was on OA Service Corps for the 1993 Jamboree (August 1993). I don’t *think* it was split at that point, but I could be wrong. Scott was elected the chief of the new section and we both went to Dallas for the National Meeting. I can’t recall, for the life of me, who was elected SR-6A Secretary, but I want to say it was someone from Tseyedin (in Indiana). We’re talking about nearly 20 years ago, of course! Ha.

          • W. Scott Smith says:

            Sorry guys…it took me over a year to come across this thread. John, sorry for getting you and Jim reversed…I certainly knew that you were chief that year. John and I were both on OA Service Corps at the 1993 Jamboree, at at the Jamboree, Region Chief Mike Salazar informed me that the split would be taking place. I don’t know if it actually happened at that point or not, but I have always recalled that I became acting Section Chief of SR-6B at Jamboree. We then held a COC in Wytheville, VA in October (I think) where official elections were conducted.

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