Year 2018
Event Section SR-7A Conclave
Host Lodge Shenshawpotoo 276
Site Camp Rock Enon
Location Gore, VA
Dates April 27-29, 2018
Theme Elevate
Chairman Justin Petrie
Adviser Charles Johnstone



1 Pocket patch – 4″ square, DGY border
2 Pocket patch with loop, 4″ square, DGY border, participant
3 Pocket patch with loop, 4″ square, GMY border, staff
4 New Ordeal Luncheon pocket patch with loop, 4″ square, BMY border
5 Vigil Rededication pocket patch with loop, 4″ square, RMY border
6 Vigil Rededication token, round metal disc on twine lanyard
7 Neckerchief, embroidered conclave logo on BLK cloth, DGY piping
8 Jacket patch – 8″ wide, 8″ tall square
9 Conclave flap, DGY border
10 Conclave wide game flap, WHT border
11 Conclave wide game cards, set
12 Baseball cap (art)
13 T-shirt (art)
14 Polo shirt (art)
15 Service pin, round metal conclave logo to affix to conclave patch
16 Name tag
17 Ditty bag, plastic with conclave logo
18 Challenge coin / poker chip
19 Passport
20 2″ round vinyl conclave logo sticker
21 SR-7A sticker, 4″ diamond
22 SR-7A patch, 3″ wide, 4.25″ tall
23 SR-7A jacket patch, 6″ wide, 8.5″ tall
24 SR-7A chenille patch
25 SR-7A belt buckle
26 SR-7A drawstring backpack
27 SR-7A stadium cup



Documented upon issue



The 2018 SR-7A Conclave will be the tenth Area Pow Wow / Section Conclave held at Camp Rock Enon.

Shenshawpotoo Lodge 276 previously hosted Area 3C Pow Wows there in 1954 and 1962, and a Training Institute in 1968.

In 1973 they hosted the first conclave of the new Section SE-1. Camp Rock Enon was also the site of the 1981 SE-1 Conclave hosted by Ahtuhquog Lodge 540 of Cumberland, MD whose home camp was not large enough to accommodate attendance of the 12 lodge section.

Shenshawpotoo Lodge 276 hosted Section SE-8 Conclaves in 1984 and 1991, and previous SR-7A Conclaves in 2000, 2006, and 2012 at Camp Rock Enon.





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