As the new year arrives I plan to post pictures of the activity patches issued by each Virginia OA Lodge during the prior year. These often feature interesting themes, designs, or combine to form a larger jacket patch but rarely get much exposure outside the lodge issuing them.


As they have for each year for the last decade, Tutelo Lodge 161 of Roanoke, VA issued five activity patches in 2017. The patches are each rectangular in shape, with a rolled edge border and loop for hanging from a uniform pocket button. Click the thumbnail images below for a closer view.


The issues are cataloged as follows:
  • 161 eX2017-1 Spring Ordeal
  • 161 eX2017-2 Summer Ordeal
  • 161 eX2017-3 Fall Ordeal
  • 161 eX2017-4 Fall Fellowship
  • 161 eX2017-5 Winter Banquet


Thanks to Arvid England of Tutelo Lodge for his kind assistance with these emblems.

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