Continuing the series of activity patches issued by the Virginia Lodges in the past year, this article covers the patches issued by Blue Heron Lodge 349 of Norfolk for their events held in 2017.
Hexagonal in shape with a button loop, the event patches feature a Reach For The Stars space theme, and are designed to fit around a star-shaped center patch. The Lodge also issued a jacket patch of the consolidated 2017 event issues. Click on the images below to view a larger picture of each.
The issues are cataloged as follows:

  • 349 eX2017-1 – March Ordeal
  • 349 eX2017-2 – May Ordeal
  • 349 eX2017-3 – August Ordeal
  • 349 eX2017-4 – Fall Fellowship
  • 349 eX2017-5 – Holiday Banquet
  • 349 eX2017-6 – Star-shaped center patch
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