Year 1969
Event Area 3-C Pow Wow
Host Lodge Nawakwa 3
Site Virginia State Fairgrounds
Location Richmond, VA
Dates April 25-27, 1969
Theme Weld Tightly Every Link
Attendance 1,200
Attending Nawakwa 3, Koo Koo Ku Hoo 161, Shenandoah 258, Shenshawpotoo 276, Blue Heron 349, Powhatan 456, Kecoughtan 463, Amangamek Wipit 470, and Chanco 483



Nawakwa Lodge was celebrating their Golden (50th) Anniversary in 1969.

The 1969 Pow Wow at the Virginia State Fairgrounds was the largest gathering of Arrowmen in the history of the state.

Delegates rode buses to the Richmond Arena for the Indian dancing competitions.

This event was remembered for the cooks being called for duty on the State Fair speaker system at 3:00 AM, also waking everyone anywhere near the fairgrounds.

The former Virginia State Fairgrounds where the Pow Wow was held is now the site of the Richmond International Raceway.


  • Newsletter Improvement – Deertracks, Shenshawpotoo Lodge 276, Editor: Steve LaBarre
  • Group Dance – Kecoughtan Lodge 463
  • Solo Dance – Nawakwa Lodge 3
  • Camping Promotion – 1st: Shenandoah Lodge 258, 2nd: Shenshawpotoo 276
  • Display – Kecoughtan Lodge 463


  • Chief – Peter J. Osina, Shenandoah Lodge 258
  • Vice-Chief – Bruce Waters, Nawakwa Lodge 3


  • Chief – Larry Davis, Shenshawpotoo Lodge 276
  • Vice-Chief – Steve LaBarre, Shenshawpotoo Lodge 276


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