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After considering a multitude of different names I’ve decided short and simple really is better. I don’t want to restrict the content of the site and end up with a name that doesn’t really reflect the scope (witness that grew way beyond just Kecoughtan Lodge items).

So VA OA is what I’ve elected to go with for now. Unfortunately, and it’s variants are already registered by the Vermont Apartment Owners Assocation. So it looks like I’ll have to settle for

The logo above is a quick and simple starter created from the original arrow printed on the back of the 1957 Area 3-C Manual of Lodges and with lettering underneath added in the Hoefler Text font, chosen to match the vintage appearance of the arrow artwork. Originally I anticipated the arrow would parallel the angle of the right side of the first letter “A” but the resulting image was too tall so I opted for a horizontal arrow instead.


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