1997 SR-7 Conclave host and standard jacket patches - click to enlarge

The 1997 SR-7 conclave hosted by Catawba Lodge 459 at Clear Creek Scout Camp near Midland, NC on April 18-20 of that year included over 1,500 attendees from the 12 lodges that comprised the Section. The host lodge flap declared it “The Last Cardinal Conclave” because afterwards the Section would be split into SR-7A (Virginia) and SR-7B (North Carolina) due to the great distances between the lodges which made travel to Section events difficult.

Larry Johnson recently provided scans of the two back patches that were issued for this event. They feature the same design as the pocket patch, with the regular issue featuring a red border and the Host Lodge version a gold mylar one, similar to the Host Lodge pocket patch. Each measures approximately 5″ wide x 8″ tall.

SR-7 only lasted for four years, from 1993 until 1997. During that time 54 known conclave and section items were issued, as well as 28 conclave delegate emblems from their member lodges.

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