New Blue Heron 349 standard flap – first issued August 2012

Blue Heron Lodge 349, based in Norfolk, VA has used the same flap patch design since their original fully embroidered S1 debuted in the late 1950’s. The flap they issue to their newest lodge members today looks virtually identical to the first flaps issued in 1957, with the singular exception of a small white fleur d’lis (added in 1976 to comply with national policy for Scout emblems).

When the Blue Heron flap was first issued it was one of the first fully embroidered Order of the Arrow flap patch in the country, and was highly sought after by OA collectors. Its timeless design depicts the stately blue heron catching a fish in the waters of Lake Constance at Camp Darden, where the Lodge was founded. According to the Blue Heron Lodge history web site, the flap design was derived from the original diamond shaped neckerchief patch which was first produced in 1954.

Blue Heron 349 S1 – first flap, issued in 1957

Through the years with the advent of new embroidery technology the Blue Heron flap has evolved to feature more precise details and there have been slight variations in the thread colors and sizes of lettering and the fleur d’lis. The flap pictured at the top was first issued in August of 2012 and is slightly different than the previous standard flap pictured below. Note the lettering on the newer flap is taller and the fleur d’lis is ¬†thicker. The newer flap is about 2mm less wide than the prior standard issue, and there are more dimensional details in the tail feathers of the heron.

Blue Heron 349 S83 – prior standard flap issue

Blue Heron lodge member John Ortt advised that the new version was confirmed by Lodge Advisor Bill Stine.


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  1. Eric Hoskinson says:

    I was with my brother at the 1960 jamboree in Colorado Springs. I just found out that he was unable to trade for a Blue Heron Lodge Order of the Arrow patch during that time. Is there any possible way that I could obtain one for him?
    Thank you for your time.

  2. Hal Scott says:

    I’ll be happy to send you one of our current Blue Heron lodge flaps (pictured above). Email me your address (

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