Galax VA Boy Scouts at Camp Pot Rock in Carroll County, 1931

Few experiences in life are more memorable for a Boy Scout than summer camp. The place where we learned to “buddy up” in the swimming area when the lifeguard whistle blew, drank “bug juice” with our meals, studied the stars to pass our astronomy merit badge, and fell asleep listening to the sounds of the woods after taps holds a special place in our hearts that will never fade.

Over the years urban development and council consolidations have increased and the number of Scout camps has declined. Recently I’ve attempted to document former camps used by Virginia and Washington D.C. Boy Scouts, including their location, years of operation and other interesting facts about each. You’ll find the results of these efforts on the Former VA Scout Camps page. ¬†Current camps are listed on the Current VA Scout Camps page.

Of particular interest are the segregated camps like Snow Creek that operated to served “colored troops” before desegregation introduced integrated Scout Camps in the 1960’s. Information about these camps is scarce but I have listed the data gathered so far and will update it as I continue to learn more about them.

As always, I rely upon contributions of information and pictures to help make this web site more helpful for everyone. If you have pictures or stories to share about any of the camps listed (or other I may have omitted) I would very much appreciate your letting me know.

Thanks to Stephen Warren for permission to use the Snow Creek patch photo above. Be sure to check out his informative Segregation Era Scouting web site with pictures and history about black Scout troops in the Roanoke, VA area from 1930-1970.



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