In 1973 Piedmont Area Council of Lynchburg and adjoining Blue Ridge Council of Roanoke joined to form Blue Ridge Mountains Council. Their Order of the Arrow lodges, Koo Koo Ku Hoo Lodge 161 and Powhatan Lodge 456, respectively, merged to form Tutelo Lodge 161. As the Tutelo Lodge history web page explains:

The Tutelo tribe was the last Indian tribe to inhabit the area where Camp Powhatan is now located. The Tutelos were a branch of Souian Indians, who eventually became extinct after being forced from their tribal grounds by white settlers.

Three arrows became the new lodge totem after the merger occurred. An owl with outspread wings had been the totem of Koo Koo Ku Hoo and an Indian in a war bonnet had been the totem of Powhatan. These items were later honored in a service flap issued in 1978. The original honor flap of Tutelo had an old stone iron furnace highlighted on it. The furnace which sits on private property near the entrance to Camp Powhatan has in many cases, been mistaken as the lodge totem. The three arrows had been the totem of the Tutelo tribe.”

Understanding the history of Tutelo is essential to fully appreciating the design of the flap the Lodge plans to issue for their 40th anniversary in 2013. Pictured above, the design by 2012 Chief Matthew Rosendahl incorporates the Powhatan and Koo Koo Ku Hoo totems on the left and right, the iconic furnace of Camp Powhatan and three arrow totem of Tutelo in the background, and a new 40th anniversary logo the lodge will use throughout their anniversary year. The design was selected from many entries by Lodge members, and featured in the October, 2012 edition of the Lodge’s newsletter, the Torchbearer.

Congratulations to Tutelo Lodge on their 40 years of cheerful service. There’s a lot of history to look back on and honor, but more importantly, plenty of cheerful service ahead to achieve!


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    Is this flap available now and will we see it at conclave?

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