Conclave_2013_logoSupport cheerful service and contribute to a successful Conclave by participating in the first ever SR-7A patch auction! On Saturday night of this year’s Conclave, past SE-8 and SR-6B Section Adviser Doc Miller will serve as auctioneer, sure to provide an exciting time! Not only will this be an excellent opportunity for great memorabilia to surface but it also will serve as an important fundraiser to support the Conclave Service Project.

The section needs your help! We need your patch donations to make this unique event a success. To contribute, please contact J.D. Broughman at or (540) 962-1738. Contacting J.D. will permit the section to release a list of donated patches in advance of Conclave and will permit you to donate even if you are unable to attend Conclave. All donations are greatly appreciated!

See below for more information about the Conclave Service Project that the patch auction will support.

Conclave Service Project: Potato Drop

All proceeds from the patch auction at Conclave will be used to help offset the costs related to this year’s Conclave Service Project which will be completed during Saturday of Conclave. The section has partnered with a non-profit organization called the Society of St. Andrew (SoSA) whose mission is to end hunger in the United States. More details on SoSA can be found at

SoSA is arranging for two tractor-trailer loads of unused potatoes (or sweet potatoes) from a potato chip factory or other commercial market to be delivered to Pipsico Scout Reservation. During the Conclave weekend, Arrowmen will have the opportunity to spend 20 or 30 minutes sorting and bagging these potatoes for local food banks to distribute to the hungry in the area. More details on this project may be found at

SoSA has agreed to pay for half of the freight costs involved in getting the potatoes to Pipsico Scout Reservation with the section responsible for the other half of the freight costs. All monies raised for the Conclave Service Project will only be used for offsetting costs associated with this project. Any excess funds from the patch auction will be contributed to the Society of St. Andrew.


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