Lodge Advisor Bill Stine graciously shared the working artwork for a special flap patch to be issued by Blue Heron Lodge for the upcoming Section SR-7A Conclave they will be hosting from April 26-28 at Camp Pipsico. He reports that unlike the illustration above the patch will be a standard size Lodge flap.

This will be the tenth annual OA area/section gathering hosted by Blue Heron Lodge, and the ninth at Camp Pipsico. Previously hosted events included:

Event Date Location
1953 3-C Pow Wow unknown Camp Darden
1961 3-C Pow Wow unknown Camp Pipsico
1966 3-C Training Conference Apr 22-24, 1966 Camp Pipsico
1971 3-C Pow Wow Apr 23-25, 1971 Camp Pipsico
1977 SE-1 Conclave Apr 22-24, 1977 Camp Pipsico
1988 SE-8 Conclave Apr 22-24, 1988 Camp Pipsico
1996 SR-7 Conclave Apr 19-21, 1996 Camp Pipsico
2001 SR-7A Conclave Apr 27-29, 2001 Camp Pipsico
2007 SR-7A Conclave Apr 27-29, 2007 Camp Pipsico

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