I recently received one of the new Tutelo Lodge 2013 National Jamboree flaps, and upon checking the reverse noticed that it includes a QR code sticker. The code is designed for help patch traders use their smartphone to quickly verify the authenticity of a patch and get background information about it.

The free app will make its official debut at the upcoming National Scout Jamboree, but you can download and learn more about it now at patchscan.com. According to the web site, trading areas at the Jamboree will be equipped with free wi-fi courtesy of AT&T, enabling the PatchScan application to connect to the internet to retrieve the data associated with the QR code read by your smartphone camera.

I also discovered that you can scan the QR code with an app like RedLaser, Quick Scan, or Scanlife and get an web page about the patch with the same information. The PatchScan app does keep a history of the patches you scanned, and if you have location services enabled it will store geographical data about where the scan took place and transmit that data for collection and analysis, although the privacy information assures that this data is never connected to an individual user.

Below are screenshots for the information displayed by the Patchscan app for the Tutelo Lodge 161 flap patch issued for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.


Initial information screen


Scroll down for more info


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