Brocky Nicely, a longtime member of Shenandoah Lodge made my holidays special when he sent me a copy of a publication that I did not even know existed. The 1981 SE-1 Manual of Lodges was published just a year before the Section was dissolved in a national realignment, and follows in the tradition of the Area III-C Manual of Lodges booklets that were published in 1957, 1963, and 1968. It includes detailed histories of each of the twelve lodges that comprised SE-1, tables of Area/Section officers, event dates and locations, and a comprehensive list of known emblems issued by each Lodge. It also traces the history of SE-1 from it’s early 1950’s roots in Area III-A through the formation of the nation’s largest section in 1972.

The 31 page document includes a wealth of interesting history that I’ve not seen anywhere else including these fascinating facts:

  • Nawakwa Lodge donated 20 acres of land adjoining Camp Brady Saunders to accommodate additional camping areas.
  • E. Urner Goodman, Co-Founder of the Order of the Arrow, conducted the installation of Nentico Lodge in 1922 at Camp Linstead in Severna Park, MD.
  • Nentego Lodge was originally chartered in 1925 as Unalactico Lodge, with its totem a turkey. The Lodge became inactive in the 1930’s and was disbanded. It was reorganized in 1957 with assistance from Delmont Lodge 43, taking the name Nentego with the rockfish as its totem.
  • The original name of the Shenandoah Lodge newsletter, first published in April, 1956, was Natima Sakita’s Fezuta, which translates to “Big Chief’s Medicine.” Today it goes by the name of Shenandoah Smoke Signals which is easier to say but not nearly as fun.
  • Three separate Ordeals were conducted by Nentico, Blue Heron, and Nawakwa Lodges in 1952 to induct members into the new Amanquemack Lodge 470 of Washington, DC. The Lodge name was changed in 1954 to Amangamek Wipit to more accurately reflect the translated name of “Shark’s Tooth.”

Thanks to Brocky and the original authors of this document who were not only his OA brothers, but also classmates who printed the 1981 SE-1 Manual of Lodges in their graphics class: Jeff Byrd, Pat Kerr, Doug Painter, and Keith Brown.

I’ve scanned the entire booklet and you can now enjoy this time capsule of history in the Reference Archives.


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