Wahunsenakah Lodge has released their special flap for the upcoming Section SR-7A Conclave to be held April 25-27 at Camp Shenandoah. Pictured above (click to enlarge), the patch features Santa and two reindeer and includes a number of small details identifying it as an issue of Lodge 333 for the Conclave.

The design includes the totem of  the conclave host, Shenandoah Lodge 258, on the left. Santa holds a list that displays “333 Seek to Serve” which are the Wahunsenakah Lodge number and the 2014 Conclave theme, respectively. Other clever elements include a tiny duck (the Wahunsenakah totem) on the front brim of Santa’s hat and “WWW” as a central part of the reindeer harness. A red fleur d’lis is ghosted into Santa’s coat.

You can find pictures of all of the 2014 Conclave issues including special flaps issued by the Lodges in Section SR-7A on the SR-7A 2014 Conclave page here.

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