Many OA Lodges traditionally issue a special flap patch for delegates attending their annual Section gathering, and this year saw a total of nine new flap patches  from the Virginia Lodges for the SR-7A Conclave hosted by Shenandoah Lodge. In addition, the Section issued two flap patches for the event, including a very limited white ghost version that reportedly sold out in 30 minutes.

Wahunsenakah and Shenandoah arrived with single flap patches, Blue Heron had a flap patch with matching pocket part, and Nawakwa, Tutelo, and Shenshawpotoo had 2 flaps each, with different border colors denoting delegate and trader issues.

You can view all of the flap patches from the Conclave, as well as all of the Section issued items, on the 2014 SR-7A Conclave page.

Check them out then be sure to vote in the poll for the Best 2014 SR-7A Conclave lodge flap below!


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