I recently added two Centennial flap patches from Virginia OA lodges to my collection, and noticed that each featured a QR code on the reverse for use with the BSA’s official PatchScan smartphone application.


The flap from Blue Heron Lodge has a backing that indicates it was manufactured by Sunshine Emblem and Decal Inc. The backing of the flap from Shenandoah Lodge shows it was manufactured by Moritz Embroidery. Both backings feature the the special seal certifying the patch is an officially licensed product of the BSA.

Curious to see what information was available for each, I scanned the QR code stickers on each with the PatchScan app on my iPhone and was pleased to see that each was recognized and validated as “Authentic.” The correct manufacturers were identified, and the Shenandoah flap is listed as being one of 300 made.


According to the PatchScan app, the quantity of the Blue Heron flaps issued is one. Alex Wiatt recently confirmed the quantity of the Shenandoah centennial issue. I’m hoping someone in the know from 349 can provide an accurate issue count for the Blue Heron flap.


Reviews on the Apple App Store confirm that the PatchScan app data is often inaccurate, so don’t base your values on the issue quantity reported.

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