Tutelo Lodge 161 of Roanoke VA sent a delegation of 73 Arrowmen to the National Order of the Arrow Conference held at Michigan State University from August 3-8. The Lodge issued two new flap patches for the occasion, which were sold as a set. The flaps picture the totems of the former lodges that combined to form Tutelo in 1973. The Chief on the left represents Powhatan Lodge 456, and the Owl on the right Koo Koo Ku Hoo Lodge 161. Both also include the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Tutelo Lodge totem (round shield with three arrows) and the OA Centennial totem.

The red bordered version is a daytime scene and designated as the trader issue, while the blue border version is a nighttime scene and considered the delegate issue.

The Lodge also issued a corrected version of their Centennial flap with “1915” and “2015” instead of the previous issue which had “2015” twice.


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