Blue Heron Lodge 349 issued six 2-piece flap patch sets for the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference held at Michigan State University from August 3-8. Three of the sets feature a black background with a flying heron on the flap and the totems of Kecoughtan 463 (acorn), Chanco 483 (Brave), and Octoraro 22 (horseshoe) with a standing heron on the pocket piece. These sets were reportedly fundraisers for the NOAC contingent.


The delegate issue has a red border with white background and shares the design of the above sets except the totems are pictured as black outlines. A delegate neckerchief with a similar patch sewn on was also issued. The patch has the same design but instead of two pieces (flap and pocket piece) it is a single patch.


Two other sets depict four standing herons on the pocket piece watching fireworks in the sky of the flap patch. There are red and white border versions of these sets. In late 2014 Blue Heron Lodge issued two ghost flap patches as fundraisers for the 2015 NOAC.

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