Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 of Newport News closed out their activities for 2015 with a Holiday Banquet on Dec. 12 at American Legion Post 73 in Franklin, VA. A number of new patches were issued, with perhaps the most anticipated being the bullion flap patch pictured above.

Bullion patches are meticulously handcrafted with gold and/or silver wire beads, and frequently used for military dress uniform wear or club blazer patches.

The Wahunsenakah Lodge bullion flap patch features the lodge duck totem and lettering in gold, with a ghosted FDL of black beads and raised embroidered OA centennial logo. The border is braided metallic gold. The bullion flaps were sold by preorder only for $20, and a total of 200 were made.

The Wahunsenakah bullion flap history dates back to 1997, when Dr. Barry Green designed it as a way to raise funds for a Trading Post to honor the late Dr. Ron Godby, and presented a prototype to then Council Executive Dick Collins, who vetoed the idea as too costly for boys to afford. 18 years later Dr. Green got to see his bullion design produced in a limited edition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow, and Wahunsenakah became the first lodge in Section SR-7A to issue a bullion patch.

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