Since 1999 Wahunsenakah Lodge of Newport News VA has recognized active members and promoted involvement with an Honor Member program. To qualify for the award Arrowmen must complete a set of requirements throughout the year that include attending multiple functions, serving as an officer or on a committee, achieve Brotherhood membership (if eligible), and more. Members meeting the requirements by the deadline are allowed to purchase a special edition flap patch at the Lodge’s annual Holiday Banquet. This highly sought after flap is cataloged as 333 S11, and unauthorized fakes are known to exist.


For 2015 the Lodge decided instead of the flap patch which has been used for 15 years to issue an Honor Member pin. in the shape of a flying duck. The pin is designed to be worn on the Lodge’s service flap on top of the embroidered duck on the right side. This is actually the second pin meant to be worn on the service flap, the first being the First Year Arrowman Award pin that was first offered in 2013.


Thanks to Larry Johnson and Dr. Barry Green for information and pictures.

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