Shenandoah Lodge 258, serving Stonewall Jackson Council of Waynesboro, VA recently was awarded a high national honor among Order of the Arrow Lodges. The National Service Award was established in 1999 to annually recognize two lodges in each region that have performed outstanding service, both in a qualitative and a quantitative sense, to their council.
In recognition of their achievement the Lodge has issued a commemorative flap patch, pictured above. The Lodge’s arrowhead totem is flanked by totems for the Order of the Arrow on the left and the classic interlocking “CS” letters symbolizing Camp Shenandoah that date back to camp emblems from the 1940’s on the right.

Patchscan information from the QR code on the reverse indicates 200 of these were issued. The flap is expected to be cataloged as 258 S75.
Credit: Alex Wiatt of Shenandoah Lodge 258

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