Wahunsenakah Lodge 333, serving Colonial Virginia Council of Newport News VA issued five event patches in 2016. They all feature a common design of a rectangular cut edge patch with a red arrow extending beyond the sides. Each includes an attached loop for hanging from a uniform pocket button.


All of the event issues in 2016 include lettering recognizing the Lodge’s 20th anniversary.


The issues are cataloged as follows:

  • 333 eX2016-1 Winter Service
  • 333 eX2016-2 Spring Service
  • 333 eX2016-3 Summer Service
  • 333 eX2016-4 Fellowship
  • 333 eX2016-5 Holiday Banquet

You can find a list of all Wahunsenakah event issues with linked pictures here.

Special thanks to Larry Johnson for assistance with the Wahunsenakah patch images

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