Way back in 2013 I had a discussion with John Athayde (a fellow Arrowman who was in Kecoughtan Lodge a decade or two after I was) about creating a new site with listings and photos of every Virginia OA lodge issue, since there had not been any progress towards a reference since the last edition of the Blue Book was published way back in 2006.

Since there were reportedly efforts underway towards a new online OA Insignia Guide, and some distracting responsibilities (ie new babies) appeared, the project was tabled. By 2017 we were still frustrated by the dearth of accurate, up-to-date online resources to keep track of our Virginia OA collections and decided to develop a new site called PatchVault.

PatchVault debuted at the 2018 SR7A conclave, and featured the current Virginia OA Lodges and their predecessors. We focused on correcting issue number errors in the Blue Book, updating the lists to include items issued since 2006, and taking advantage of current technology to offer high resolution images and compatibility with mobile devices.

As a result many items that used to merit articles on VA-OA are no longer required since the information about new issues from Virginia lodges is now available on PatchVault. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out I encourage you to do so. Create an account and track your collection, create a needs and dupes lists, and contribute information or pictures to help grow the shared knowledge that benefits everyone.

Right now PatchVault does not track conclave information, so you will continue to find information and updates about multi-lodge Virginia events like the upcoming 2018 SR7A Conclave on VA-OA.org, as well as articles of general interest, so while VA-OA will not be updated as often as it has in the past you can be sure it is not going away.

I hope to see you around at PatchVault.org, and wish you every success in expanding your collection in 2019 with the items you seek.


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