The 1969 Area 3-C Pow Wow was hosted by Nawakwa Lodge 3 on the Virginia State Fairgrounds (now the site of the Richmond International Raceway). With attendance of 1,200 it was the largest gathering of Arrowmen in the state until many years later when National Jamborees were held at Fort A.P. Hill.

Besides the usual patch and neckerchief two very unique items were issued for this Conclave – a bronze belt buckle and bronze neckerchief slide. Until recently I’d never seen the slide but had a picture of the belt buckle. Not long ago I was the fortunate winner of an eBay auction for the slide and can now offer a picture of this bit of Virginia OA memorabilia. If you know more about it (e.g., how many were made, who the manufacturer was, how much they were sold for) please let me know by using the contact form or posting a reply below.

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