History to SR-7 Booklet

The most recent Section-related historical document I’ve been able to find including Virginia OA lodges is this publication created by Blue Heron Lodge 349 for their topic display at the first SR-7 Conclave in 1994. Hosted by Keyauwee Lodge 70 at Old North State Scout Reservation, this event brought 4 Virginia lodges (Nawakwa 3, Blue Heron 349, Kecoughtan 463, and Chanco 483) together with 10 North Carolina lodges.

With vital input from Carolina OA expert Rick Horne the Arrowmen from Blue Heron Lodge assembled A History to SR-7 and included a handy pocket card for Arrowmen that listed the names and numbers of all the lodges in their new section.

This document and earlier Area and Section booklets are available on this web site for those who would like to learn more about the history of how OA lodges were organized and information about each of them.


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