Nawakwa 3 Lodge of Richmond joined Wahunsenakah 333 of Newport News by issuing a special flap patch for the upcoming Section SR-7A conclave to be held at Camp Rock Enon on April 27-29 this year. The flap features their cardinal totem on a black background with a silver border and gold lettering of the lodge name at the top and “2012 SR-7A Conclave” at the bottom.

You can view all of the patches issued for the 2012 SR-7A conclave including event emblems and contingent and trader flaps here.

Nawakwa also issued three additional flaps, two of which match the design of the conclave flap. A new standard flap features a red border and omits the conclave lettering. The 2012 NOAC flap features a gold border and “2012 NOAC” lettering. In a departure from any prior design, a new youth designed flap has a blue background and white border with ghosted arrow and twin fleur d’lis and a cardinal with wings spread composed of form lines.

Click the thumbnail images below to view all of the new flaps and let us know what you think in the comments.

Thanks to Trey Walls for the pictures of the Nawakwa flaps.

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