In 2004 Lodge Advisor Mike White designed and compiled a landmark history of the Lodge he led as Chief a decade earlier, Shenandoah 258. Recently JD Broughman of that lodge noticed that this document was missing from the Reference Archives of this web site, and not only obtained permission from Mike to post an online version here, but arranged a replacement copy from Mike since I could not quickly locate the copy he so kindly sent to me when it was originally released.

The 48 page booklet is now available here as a 10.7MB PDF document, and includes not only a history of Lodge 258 but information about Area and Section affiliations, Pow Wows and Conclaves, and a list of Shenandoah Lodge emblems which makes it a fascinating read for anyone interested in Virginia Order of the Arrow history. My sincere thanks to Mike for his efforts to preserve the history by compiling this document and allowing me to share it online, and to JD for pointing out my egregious omission and helping me rectify it so quickly.

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