From July 19 to July 28 over 30,000 Scouts from the US and 59 other countries assembled at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia for the 2017 National Scout Jamboree. Contingents from all six Virginia councils with their respective Order of the Arrow members attended, with each of the Lodges issuing special patches commemorating the event to trade and collect.

This article includes information and pictures of all of the SR7A Lodge issues for the 2017 Jamboree. There is a wide variety of designs and themes; I hope you were able to get one from each!

NAWAKWA 3 – Qty. 600 issued Jan. 2017 (according to PatchScan data)

Nawakwa’s Jamboree flap features the same design as their 2017 SR7A Conclave flap and current standard flap issue, with “2017 National Jamboree – SBR” at the bottom. SBR refers to the Jamboree site, Summit Bechtel Reserve. The Nawakwa flap was the first of the SR7A lodge flaps for the Jamboree to be released, several months before the Jamboree.

TUTELO 161 – Qty. 600 issued Feb. 2017 (according to PatchScan data)

Tutelo Lodge’s flap features a locomotive design similar to their 2013 Jamboree flap. The 2017 version includes a coal car and passenger car, with “2017 National Jamboree SBR” at the bottom. The Tutelo Jamboree flap was also available several months before the Jamboree.

SHENANDOAH 258 – Qty. 200 issued Jun. 2017 (according to PatchScan data)

The Shenandoah Lodge Jamboree flap features the Chief totem of Shenandoah Lodge on the left, Stonewall Jackson on the right (representing the Council name), with the New River Gorge Bridge, a West Virginia landmark near the site of the Jamboree, in the center. “2017 National Jamboree” is lettered in a banner at the bottom of the flap. This patch was not seen before the Jamboree, and the small quantity produced makes it scarce.

SHENSHAWPOTOO 276 – Qty. 700 issued Apr. 2017 (according to PatchScan data)

Shenshawpotoo issued a cut-edge two-piece set with a design that features the Lodge deer totem transformed into a fire-breathing dragon with antlers. This set was not available until the Jamboree. With 700 issued this novel set is easier to find.

WAHUNSENAKAH 333 – Qty. 350 issued May 2017 (according to PatchScan data)

The Wahunsenakah Lodge flap has a unique shape with a pointed tip reminiscent of very early OA flaps. When I queried patch designer Barry Green about this he acknowledged that the Lodge 104 S1 was his inspiration. The design features five ducks of different varieties sitting on the New River Gorge Bridge. It has a matching patch shaped like a duck call with a loop to hang it under the pocket flap. The duck call patch is shorter than the one that accompanied the Wahunsenakah 2017 SR7A Conclave flap, with “2017 Jamboree” and “Living the Adventure” (the Jamboree theme).

BLUE HERON 349 – Qty. 500 issued Jun. 2017 (according to PatchScan data)

Blue Heron issued a green bordered two-piece set picturing a Blue Heron in a space suit with helmet spacewalking outside a capsule with “Reach for the Stars” lettered on the flap and “2017 National Jamboree: on the matching pocket piece. This set was not available until the Jamboree. Can you find the FDL in the pocket piece? It’s ghosted into the ocean area of the Earth.

Which is your favorite? Although I have to admit some bias towards 333 since they are the successor to my former Lodge 463, my favorite is the Wahunsenakah two piece set. The old-school shape appeals to me!

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