Blue Heron Lodge 349 celebrated their 70th anniversary in 2016 and the 7 activity patches issued during the year are part of a themed set recognizing that event. Each activity patch is a wedge-shaped part that surrounds a round center patch, matching a back patch with the same design but uncut. The lodge also issued special two-part flap sets and an octagon-shaped jacket patch for the occasion.
Each 2016 activity patch features the patch design from a previous anniversary patch issued for each decade of the Lodge’s existence. The March Ordeal patch includes the design of the 10th anniversary horseshoe-shaped patch (X2), the May ordeal includes the red A1 design included on the 20th anniversary horseshoe-shaped patch (X8), while the August Ordeal pays tribute to the 30th anniversary patch issued for the Fall Ordeal in 1976 (eX1976-2).
The 2016 Fall Fellowship patch includes the silver horseshoe featured on the 40th anniversary patch issued for the 1986 Fall Fellowship, and the Holiday Banquet patch includes the design of the 1996 Fall Fellowship patch recognizing the lodge’s 50th anniversary. The Chapters segment includes components of the 2006 activity set back patch (J12), and the round center patch features the 70th anniversary logo, along with the horseshoe totem of Octoraro Lodge, whose members inducted the first Blue Heron members in 1946 at Camp Darden.
The patches are cataloged as:
349-eX2017-1 – March Ordeal
349-eX2017-2 – May Ordeal
349-eX2017-3 – August Ordeal
349-eX2017-4 – Fall Fellowship
349-eX2017-5 – Holiday Banquet
349-eX2017-6 – Chapters patch
349-eR2017-7 – Center patch

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