2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Order of the Arrow, and to commemorate the occasion each Lodge is expected to issue a special flap patch featuring the official Centennial totem.

Many SR-7A lodges have also issued special flaps, some with the Centennial totem, to raise funds to help send their Lodge contingent to the National Order of the Arrow Conference scheduled for August 3-8, 2015 at Michigan State University.

SR-7A Lodge 2015 NOAC Fundraiser Flaps

Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 was the first of the SR7A lodges to issue 2015 NOAC fundraiser flaps, releasing red and blue bordered flaps of the same design in April of 2014. The design includes their duck totem flanked by an embroidered image of the founders of our Order, E. Urner Goodman and Carroll A. Edson, on the left, with the name, number, and totem of the first Lodge (Unami 1, turtle) on the right. (View details)

In September 2014 Tutelo Lodge 161 issued a set of three fundraiser flaps which featured the Centennial logo. Each features the same design and is available with border options of red, black, and light gray. 200 of each were sold. Each flap is signed and numbered on the reverse. (View details).

Also in September Nawakwa Lodge 3 released three NOAC fundraiser flaps which also included the Centennial totem. These were issued in varying quantities, with a green bordered full color version the standard issue, a red ghost version limited to 100, and a grayscale monochrome version limited to only 50. (View details).

Blue Heron Lodge 349 joined the group of SR7A lodges issuing NOAC fundraiser flaps in November with the release of two ghost issues of their standard flap design. The green ghost version includes yellow lettering, while a yellow ghost flap has green lettering. (View details).

In December Tutelo Lodge 161 issued a special leather version of the NOAC fundraiser flap design. The emblem was limited to 161 made, with each numbered on the back, and sold for $50. (View details).

OA Centennial Flaps

In mid-December of 2014 Blue Heron Lodge 349 issued their Centennial issue which features a precise version of their standard flap design with the Centennial logo added to the left side of the patch. The flap is unique in that it features a gray heron like their original 1950’s flap, unlike the light blue heron of current issues. (View details).

In early January Shenandoah Lodge 258 released a special Centennial flap which includes the Centennial totem on the right and the OA Chief logo from the cover of 60’s era OA Handbooks on the left, with a red Shenandoah arrowhead logo in the center. (View details).

Still anticipated are Centennial issues from Nawakwa Lodge, Tutelo Lodge, Wahunsenakah Lodge, and Shenshawpotoo Lodge.

Arvid England reported March 11 that Tutelo approved a design at their Business Meeting for a Centennial 2-piece set that has been sent to the patch manufacturer for prototyping and approval. They hope to have it ready by Conclave.

Barry Green of Wahunsenakah confirmed a Centennial issue was approved by the Lodge Executive Committee which will feature the standard flap design with the Centennial totem added.

Mike Evans of Shenshawpotoo reported that a special Centennial version flap is planned to be ready by the SR7A Conclave in April.

Be sure to keep your eye out for new issues which will be pictured here as soon as they become available. Along with anticipated 2015 SR-7A Conclave issues and 2015 NOAC sets, this year may set new records for the number of new patches issued by the Virginia OA Lodges!


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